Embroidery is the most common method of branding a garment with your company logo or design. It provides a high quality finish and is long lasting.

We highly recommend choosing embroidery for your uniform branding if you are likely to use the same logo again and would like a quality presentation. Once the logo is digitised for embroidery, we hold it on file, and you can reorder without incurring setup costs again.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is ideal for promotional events and is extremely popular on t-shirts and polos. It is widely used for one-off requirements such as product launches, sports events and fun runs, and team activities. And it is cost-effective, especially for larger images.

Logo Design

We can design and create a new logo for you. We will work with you to understand your business, clarify your branding and logo requirements, and provide recommendations on the right clothing choices to improve your brand performance, staff satisfaction and customer engagement.

Get Started – Embroidery Or Screen Printing

Provide us with a high quality image of your logo. For the best design results, we require high-resolution art in preferably JPEG or PDF formats for embroidery and AI or vector format artwork for screen printing.

We will then provide a quote, which you will need to accept prior to us proceeding.

Upon acceptance of the quote, we will email you a visual of the logo for your approval or you can come into our showroom and sign off on it. We request your approval in writing (email confirmation accepted).